THE|TIDES WELLNESS Sea-Tox | Bath and Foot Soak, 500gr



Releases toxins, removes impurities and washes out negative energy and stress. Leaves you in a peaceful state of relaxation with mental clarity and increased energy.

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Purifying and relaxing formula of pure, raw and unprocessed seabed magnesium, grey sea salt, organic seaweed and clay blended with refreshing and detoxifying mastic, cypress and juniper berry. Helps to sweat out toxins and negative energy eliminate impurities, improve circulation and relieve tensed muscles, while soaking up ocean rich minerals. Perfect antidote to purify and recharge from environmental and technological stressors.
• Stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation.
• Draws out impurities and toxins.
• Washes out negative energy and stress.
• Detoxifies from environmental and technological stressors.
• Relieves tensed muscles.
Step 1 | Power Down and Hydrate
Make your bath a digital free zone. Unplug from your devices and recharge your own batteries. Drink a glass of water or herbal tea before stepping into the bath to stay hydrated and to prevent overheating and dizziness.

Step 2 | Fill and Pour
Fill your bath with warm to hot water enough to cover your whole body. Sprinkle 125 g of the Sea-Tox | Bath Soak in the bath and add 2 tablespoons of the separately packaged green clay* and stir to fully dissolve the ingredients.

Step 3 | Soak and Sweat
Light a few candles, turn on a guided meditation or some soothing music and soak up for 20-30 minutes, keeping the water at a consistent temperature. Just lean back and relax while the ingredients work their wonders. Emerge from your bath, pat yourself dry, do not shower! Drink a glass of water.

Step 4 | Rest and Relax
Wrap yourself in towels or a bathrobe and relax under a warm blanket as the formula continues to work.

* We kept the clay separate for maximum benefit and purity. When added together with the other ingredients the 100% ionic charge of the clay automatically starts, allowing the natural detox to function optimally.
Grey Sea Salt, Seabed Magnesium, Organic Seaweed and Clay, infused with Mastic, Cypress and Juniper berry

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